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Storm Damage Report

Storm damage can cause significant and obvious damage to your home’s roof. Large sections of missing or curled shingles, water leaks, and impacts from fallen limbs are impossible to miss. However, not all forms of storm damage are easily seen, especially from the ground. What’s worse is when damage to your roof goes unnoticed, leading to problems down the road that could have been avoided had you contacted local storm restoration contractors for a simple repair.

How can you know if your home was negatively affected by wind or hail if you can’t see the damage?

Extreme Weather Insights has a solution. We offer instant and accurate reports that provide homeowners with useful information about their roof—and best of all—we do so for free! Get immediate insights for:

Get the Storm Restoration Services You Need Early with Weather Damage Reports

There are multiple risks associated with unseen roof storm damage. In addition to the possibility of costly, secondary issues that can result in serious repairs or even a roof replacement, some storm restoration companies take advantage, too. If you cannot tell how damaged your roof is, then what’s stopping scammers from pushing services that you don’t need?

Stay apprised of your roof’s true storm damage risk factors with EWI’s free home weather report tool. You will receive a report that is tailored to your home’s specific address, providing key insights that let you better determine whether you should contact a local roofing company. The report includes:

  • Exact Event Dates: The precise dates of severe weather events let you know when your home was most likely to experience storm damage.
  • Weather Type: You will know whether the storms noted produced strong winds or hail. 
  • Total Number of Events: Know how many extreme weather events occurred at your address during your home’s lifetime.
  • Risk Level: Find out if your roof has a minor or significant chance of having incurred storm damage from wind or hail.

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Could your roof have hidden damage from wind or hail? It’s good to know what you’re dealing with when it comes to the health of your roof, and Extreme Weather Insight’s free weather reporting tool is a great asset to have. Request your free, instant report today!

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