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Early Warning Alerts to Prepare for the Next Hail Storm
With up to two weeks of advance notice, Extreme Weather Insights keeps you ahead of the storm and potential damage.
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Hail Warning

Early warning systems are the key to preventing severe damage in the event of a storm, but many big weather companies can only provide alerts with short notice and less-than-ideal accuracy. Extreme Weather Insights delivers hail warnings that are accurate down to your street address—up to two weeks in advance of the next weather system.

The Two-Fold Advantage of Early Hail Warning Alerts

An effective early warning system can mean the difference between complete destruction and minimal damage during a hail storm. With advance notice that severe hail is heading your way, you can take the steps needed to get ready for the storm system to arrive:

  • 1.Prepare Your Home for Severe Weather When you have up to two weeks to prepare for hail, you have the time that you need to protect your vehicle, shore-up your exterior defenses, cover fragile landscaping, and give your property a once-over to look for any vulnerable areas.
  • 2.Get a Free Roof & Siding Inspection Prior to the Event Proving that damage to your roof or siding comes from a recent hail event can be a challenge when dealing with insurance companies. An early emergency alert gives you the notice you need to set up a free exterior inspection—giving you pre-storm proof of your home’s current condition.

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At Extreme Weather Insights, our goal is to deliver highly accurate, down-to-the-street notifications when major weather events are heading towards your area, and hail storms are no exception. Take the first step towards protecting your property by signing up today to get free weather alerts!

See Free Weather History of Your House

Curious about what storms have hit your home over the last several years? Look up a free weather history of your house to get the information you need!

Learn More About Roof Damage

If hail has damaged your roof, understanding what to look for and how to handle the situation is the first step in getting your home back to top condition.

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