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Staying a Step Ahead of the Next Severe Wind Event
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Extreme Winds and Your Home

It’s easy to feel safe in your home during high winds, but your roofing and siding can be heavily damaged when gusts start blowing above 60 mph. Over time, general wear and tear from wind can affect the integrity of your roof and exterior, leading to protective material blowing off roof, siding damage from flying debris, rain, and hail, and wind-lifted shingles.

Prepare for Sever Wind

Preparing for severe wind is something that should be done in advance, and it helps to have an early warning that a wind storm is headed your direction. Extreme Weather Alerts can provide up to a two-week notice of high winds to give you time to shore-up your home and schedule a pre-storm roof inspection.

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Learn More About Hail

Large hail can quickly damage key areas of your home, and staying ahead of the storm is the first step in protecting your local property.

Learn More About Early Wind Warnings

With up to two weeks of notice before high winds hit, you can get essential preparations done to keep your home well-protected.

Learn More About Wind Damage

The effects of severe wind can be seen in roofing, siding, and more. Learn about what this means for your home and how you can take steps towards prevention.

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