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About Our Storm Damage Reporting Expertise
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Your roof is one of the most important features of your home’s exterior, but keeping up with the condition of your roof can be challenging. At Extreme Weather Insights, we provide useful information that lets you know if your roof has been damaged by storms that produced hail or severe winds, even if you can’t spot the damage from the ground.

With our knowledge of hail and wind damage, along with our free storm damage report tool, you can stay informed and know when it’s time to contact a local roofing company for further inspection and restoration services.

Hail Damage is Illusive, but We Let You Know When it’s Happening

Most roofs can withstand hail that is smaller than one inch in diameter, but not always. If your roof has multiple layers of asphalt shingles, then even smaller-sized hail can weaken the roof.

In any case, the small pinholes that result from hail impacts can be difficult to detect. Meanwhile, your roof is left exposed to UV rays, water, rain, and future hail impacts that can lead to severe problems for your roof. Let us help you identify your roof’s hail damage risk with ease!

Wind Damage Should Be Handled Immediately, and We Can Help

Whether you are dealing with thunderstorms, tornados, or tropical storms, wind is a given that can pose real threats to your home’s roof. It’s important to know when these types of storms have occurred at your home’s address, and the likelihood that your roof was damaged.

We can help you better understand the signs of wind damage and provide the insights that you need to prepare for necessary storm restoration services.

Free Storm Damage Reports to Keep You Informed

At Extreme Weather Insights, we utilize cutting-edge technology to provide homeowners with an intuitive storm damage report. All you have to do is enter your home’s address into our free weather report tool, then you will receive accurate information about:

  • Precise Dates of Extreme Weather Events at Your Home
  • Details About Hail Size and Wind Speed for Each Storm
  • The Number of Times Storm Damage Occurred
  • Your Home Exterior’s Storm Damage Risk Level

Use Our Free Storm Damage Reporting Tool Today!

Do you want to know the best part about our storm damage report tool? It’s completely FREE! Plus, it’s easy to use, and the information provided lets you make the best decisions for your home’s storm damage restoration needs. Why wait? Go ahead and get insights into your roof’s condition today!

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